My Comics Page - PRO Set-up Instructions

To begin receiving your daily comic email, you will need to sign up for comic strips that you would like to be subscribed to and add them to your "My Comics Page" (aka the list of comics you would like to see in your Daily Email)

To add a comic, first log-in at with your username and password. Next, find a comic you would like to subscribe to.

Underneath that comic, you will see a Green Square Plus Sign button, click on that button. Next, click on "Add to My Comics Page", and that comic will be added to your page! Do this again for each comic you would like to add.

The last thing you will need to do is to ensure that your settings are correct to send the page. From your home-page, click the "Edit this Comics Page" hyperlink at the top of the page. This is located directly next to a blue pencil icon.

Once you are on the next screen, look to the top right corner of the screen. There is a setting which says "Email This?" and you will want to make sure it is Toggled to "Yes". Make sure you click "SAVE CHANGES" before leaving the page to ensure your settings are saved!

You will also want to add the address "" to the list of safe-senders in your Email Inbox to make sure your comics email isn't marked as spam.

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