Cookies "Got It" Notice

Due to government regulation changes, we are required to post a "cookie" message, but are trying to make it as un-intrusive as possible. That said, the "cookie" is not recording anything about what you're doing on your computer, but rather is leaving a digital signature, which records that you've seen our message ("Got it") or not.

You will see this message each time you visit our site, until you acknowledge the message by pressing "Got It," or after you clear the cookies on your browser, which will erase our cookie, and thereby trigger it to once again appear. Also, you will see it on all of our sites, so if you visit GoComics and click on "Got It," you'll also see it the first time that you visit Uexpress, so you'll need to select "Got It" again.

By choosing not to allow our cookie, nothing will change about your access to the site, it simply means that the message will not go away.

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