General Troubleshooting

Puzzles not loading correctly could be the result of a few different things, so here is a list of things to check. You may need to visit the help file of your web browser for instructions regarding these steps.

-- Please try clearing the cache / temporary files in your web browser. You should then close your browser -> reopen your browser -> try accessing the content again. You may need to consult your web browser's help file for instructions on this process. There is also a helpful website at

-- Try loading the game in a different browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari).
*Please note that we do not support Edge or Opera browsers

-- Make sure that you have Javascript/Jscript enabled.

-- Your browser must be set to allow cookies.

-- Pop-up blockers and ad blockers can interfere with puzzles loading, so either turn these off or add the website to an allowed list.

-- ”Security” add-ons may also interfere, and you should refer to the developer’s help files for further information.

If you complete each of these steps and are still unable to access the puzzle or are experiencing an issue with the puzzle, please provide us with the OS version installed on your machine, as well as the version of the browser being used. Additionally, a screenshot of the problem and a link directly to the game will result in the most efficient investigation of your issue.

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